Rossignol Bandit Ski Sale

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The full line of Rossignol Bandit skis is on sale at a 30%+ discount at US Outdoor, with free shipping and no tax to boot. Sizes are limited, so choose your width and click the link to see what's left in stock...

Rossignol Bandit B104 Squad, with 104mm underfoot for the big mountain lines and bottomless powder:
Rossignol Bandit B-Squad Skis (no bindings)

Rossignol Bandit B100 Quad skis, with 100mm waist:
Rossignol Bandit B100 Quad Skis

Rossignol Bandit B94 skis, with a more versatile 94 mm waist:
Rossignol Bandit B94 Triple Skis

Rossignol Bandit B94W, with 94 mm waist in a women's specific flex ski:
Rossignol Bandit B94 Skis - Women's