Hands Cold? Cloudveil's White Room Gloves

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Cloudveil's White Room GlovesCloudveil's White Room Gloves
Have you ever had one of those days where you are bombing down black diamonds eating up the freshies or skiing untracked powder down a peak that took you three hours to ascend? I hope so...However, what slows you down sometimes is one of the most trival things--cold hands and fingers! Another lap? Hold on a second...I have to warm up my hands. No friends on powder days!

Don't get left behind or settle for cold hands and fingers. Get the right gear and rip up those slopes until your quads blow or the lifties turn you away. Enter Cloudveil's White Room Glove!

I have always enjoyed using gloves because of their dexterity I need while I am at the resort or touring in the backcountry. My gloves have included all the name brands and have always come with a liner. Liners are great but not so much fun when you try to seperate them from the main glove and the entire interior fabric comes out of the glove. You then need to try to line up the inside fabric with the liner. Bottom line--a mess and a headache!

The White Room glove by Cloudveil does not come with a liner. The glove is rated on Cloudveil scale of warmth--8 out of 10. I used these gloves in the resort and backcountry. Here is what I found out:

Resort Skiing...These gloves are made for the resort. I used them two days in the teens at The Canyons. Their warmth was outstanding. I skied all day and my fingers were toasty. The gloves do have a nose wipe on each thumb finger that comes in handy a time or two. The powder gauntlet worked great for keeping the snow out and elastic closures were easy to tighten or release. The waterproofness of these gloves seemed effective.

Backcountry...I found these gloves to be too warm in the backcountry. As we all know, skinning up hill definitely creates a little body heat. My fingers just got to be too toasty inside, so I had remove them and store them inside my pack for emergencies or colder weather.

Final Impressions...A great glove of choice for ripping the steeps or cruising the groomers at the resort. For the backcountry, these gloves are overkill. I personally like the gloves because they don't have liners. Easy on, easy off...

Get after it!!! Happy Skiing, Mike

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