Dawn Patrol? Cloudveil's Zero G Pant

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If you like Dawn Patrols and touring in a mixture of conditions; then Cloudveil’s Zero G Pant is ideal for you. This softshell pant is perfect for cold morning starts, blue bird days or blizzards. As we all knows, it is not fun to be sweating on the uphill and freezing on the down. Cloudveil has always made high quality gear in my opinion. Designed in Jackson Hole and tested in the Tetons, Cloudveil has fashioned gear for the backcountry enthusiast in mind! I skied in these pants in my home range-the Wasatch Mountains of Utah, and I can happily say these pants are an ideal combination of warmth and mobility.

Here are the specs... Zero G Pant comes with adjustable velcro suspenders, a definite must in my opinion. The waist is also easily adjustable up to an inch with the built-in Velcro, belt system. The pants have 2 thigh pockets in front and 12-inch zippered side leg vents in case you get warm. Nice feature:) Each pant leg has a built in snap-closed gaiter. The outer shell easily slides over the top of your boots; making adjustments to your boots a breeze. The interior is padded with Primaloft for extra warmth and the exterior is masterfully waterproofed!

Test day...3 degrees outside and damn cold by Wasatch standards. The previous week the Wasatch Range was nailed by snow and the avi danger was crazy high. The snow remained "cold smoke" with the temperatures below zero each night. Game on...I threw the pants on and rallied my gear. My friend and I headed out of the bc gates. We quickly warmed up on the uphill slog. The pants were roomy enough to allow me full freedom of my legs. But, not too roomy that I looked like some snowboard thrasher! I did use the leg vents a time or two. Easy open, easy close...I like things that function well but are simple; especially when touring. These pants fit the bill! It was easy for me to tighten my boots once we reached the top and the snow shed off them as I was entering the white room on the way down.

Side note...I have used them at the resort a time or two. They worked great there too.

Conclusion...Get them...I would say that if you are touring in the 30s and 40s; they might get a little warm. The Cloudveil Zero G is just a really simple, comfortable touring pant that could be used inbounds as well. It has all the features one would want in a bc pant. Throw them on and get out there! The powder is calling...


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