Backcountry Access Alpine Trekker Review

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Many alpine skiers get their first taste of true backcountry skiing on Alpine Trekkers. The Alpine Trekker from Backcountry Access is a ski binding adapter that converts a regular alpine skiing setup into an alpine touring rig. It's a great system for getting into alpine touring and backcountry skiing at low incremental cost. Until the advent of the Marker Duke and Baron AT bindings, Alpine Trekkers were the tool of choice for backcountry and sidecountry skiers who refused to give up the downhill performance of their alpine ski gear.

The BCA Alpine Trekker is basically a plate or frame that clamps onto the sole of your ski boot like a "step-in" crampon. The plate is attached by a hinge at the toe to an adjustable length bar that fits in an ski binding (instead of your ski boot). For hiking, you put the Alpine Trekker in the binding then clamp your ski boot to it. For downhill mode, you take out the Trekker and use the alpine bindings as normal.

Backcountry Access Alpine Trekker? Tour Adapter

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There are a few disadvantages to the Alpine Trekker system. First, alpine ski gear is usually heavy compared to alpine touring equipment to begin with, and the Alpine Trekker adds an extra 1228 grams (2 lbs 11 oz) to the system. Second, hiking in regular alpine boots over any distance can get pretty uncomfortable as there's usually no provision for forward flex other than unbuckling the boots. Third, the Alpine Trekker raises your ski boot up from the binding, and this makes touring in Trekkers feel a bit like walking on stilts.

Still, the Alpine Trekker is a great setup if your backcountry skiing consists mainly of short hikes just outside the lift area boundaries, or if you really can't afford to blow a couple grand on a full new set of alpine touring ski gear.

The Alpine Trekkers come in one size, adjustable for BSL (boot sole length) of 240-355 mm. BCA also has a ski crampon that attaches to the toe part of the Alpine Trekker.

Check prices on the Backcountry Access Alpine Trekker Tour Adapter at US Outdoor

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